'the love triad' series - a series that goes through the phases of love: from falling in love, to being in love, to the end of love. All prints are a mix of illustrations and words from some of my favourite writers, because although a picture paints a thousand words, a few carefully handpicked words can paint the only picture you may need. This series is about celebrating love in all shapes and forms and is dedicated to all romantics who will always keep trying and keep doing it all over again.
'the love triad' bundle

'the love triad' bundle

Love is the best and the worst, it’s tricky and painful and complicated and hard to find but also beautiful and endearing and makes everything worth it. It ebbs and flows and it goes through stages of extreme emotions and moods. It’s all everybody wants and all that everybody avoids. Here’s to the ones who always keep trying and to the ones who need a gentle reminder to tear down the walls built around your heart, to try again and to never settle for less.
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Printed on Hahnemühle German Etching 310gsm, made 100% from cotton or pure alpha cellulose.
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'a rush at the beginning' - the first print of 'the love triad' series

'a rush at the beginning' - first print of the series

Falling in love is beautiful, irrational, all consuming, so rare and yet so common. It feels like all the stars have aligned just for you, that everything is possible, that you’re the luckiest person in the entire world. The lyric from my fave, Lorde, perfectly encapsulates that one-in-a-million feeling, that I-cant-believe-this-is-actually-happening-to-me-holy-shit feeling.
'in the darkness with you' - the second print of the series

'in the darkness with you' - the second print of the series

Being in love or being in a relationship can have a lot of ups and downs. That euphoric feeling from the beginning might die down a bit, but you still have all these too-big-too-handle feelings. You get to know each other better and you get to love them for their flaws as well as their best parts. You accept each other and are comfortable to sit in the darkness, in complete silence together and I guess that’s the beauty of it.
Florence’s lyrics seem to me the best description of being in love - it’s not all fireworks and happiness all the time, it’s calm and quiet and comfortable.
'a parka for your soul' - the third print of the series

'a parka for your soul' - the third print of the series

Act 3
Heartbreak is quite honestly the worst. It overtakes your entire being, all your thoughts, all your decisions and judgment. It’s painful and not fun at all. This is the time when you get cynical and your self-esteem is probs at its lowest. And this is also the time when you need a lot of tenderness and gentleness and a soft touch. Alice Walker’s poem is exactly that tender embrace you need. She talks about how to cope with disappointment in any shape it may come in your life. ‘Expect nothing’, she encourages, ‘live frugally on surprise’ and ‘make of it a parka for your soul.’ This idea of having a protective shield around your heart, a parka or jacket to keep your soul warm and safe through these hard times is what heartbreak means to me. It’s a reminder to be easy on yourself and protect that little heart of yours because it’s all you’ve got.
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