The first print from 'the love triad' series - a series that goes through the phases of love: from falling in love, to being in love, to the end of love. All prints are a mix of illustrations and words from some of my favourite writers, because although a picture paints a thousand words, a few carefully handpicked words can paint the only picture you may need. This series is about celebrating love in all shapes and forms and is dedicated to all romantics who will always keep trying and keep doing it all over again.
'a rush at the beginning' - the first print of 'the love triad' series

'a rush at the beginning' - the first print of the series

'a rush at the beginning' - the first print of 'the love triad' series - close-up

'a rush at the beginning' - a close-up

Falling in love is beautiful, irrational, all consuming, so rare and yet so common. It feels like all the stars have aligned just for you, that everything is possible, that you’re the luckiest person in the entire world. The lyric from my fave, Lorde, perfectly encapsulates that one-in-a-million feeling, that I-cant-believe-this-is-actually-happening-to-me-holy-shit feeling.
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This is an A3 print.
Printed on Hahnemühle German Etching 310gsm, made 100% from cotton or pure alpha cellulose.
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'the love triad' bundle

'the love triad' bundle

All 3 prints from the series. If you are interested in the bundle, click here for more details.
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